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Life Chemistry: from functional food to bioactive principles

Activity by Stefano Alcaro   |   added on Sep 29, 2010   |   Italy Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): The Italian Chemical Society has designed this as an official event of the 2011. Some applications are currenlty in progress to cover all expenses related to the organization.

The meeting celebrates aspects of Chemistry related to everyday life issues. It will include a divulgating section about the Chemistry importance in food science and more scientific section that will stimulate new links between nutraceutics and medicinal chemistry.

Within the celebrations of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 the Italian Chemical Society by means of its regional sections have planned some initiatives to be carried out within academic institutions in Italy. One of them has been assigned to the young University “Magna Græcia” of Catanzaro, located in Calabria in the south of Italy. Since in this University there are the faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine and Law the title of the meeting “Life Chemistry: from functional food to bioactive principles” has been defined to involve as much as possible all the existing competencies.

The idea is to celebrate the role and the importance of Chemistry starting from essential everyday facts related to food and health. Moreover in a region like Calabria, in the center of the Mediterranean Sea where ancient medical traditions and typical products based on hot spicy natural compounds join together, it should be very appropriate to talk about Chemistry tacking as “testimonials” functional food ingredients and/or bioactive agents. These arguments treated by experts of the field in a simple manner may be particularly attractive for young people, such as students of secondary schools. So in order to approach a larger audience the meeting will start with direct and simplified topics related to the relationship between food ingredients, such as the most used in Calabria, and functional health effects. Then the meeting will continue to establish the connections within food and health using medicinal and organic chemistry as scientific reference. Definitively Chemistry will end up to be the most appropriate key to understand these links in deep details and the right tool to improve the performance of the beneficial effects in conjunction with other biological disciplines.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, seminars, networking Audience: universities, secondary schools, research scientists, industrial chemists, women chemists
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