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Chemistry show «Magical Liquids» at Entertainment Science Museum «LabirintUm»

Activity by Tatiana Natarova   |   added on Aug 01, 2011   |   Russian Federation Official_iyc_logo


Chemistry show «Magical Liquids» is designed to cover the basics of chemistry, introduce interesting experiments to children to make them familiar with the physical properties of liquids and fun stories about chemistry. The show involves little minds in the dialogue with chemistry, museum guide Professor and their peers.

Entertainment Science Museum «LabirintUm» was founded in Saint-Petersburg on the 25th of December 2010 as a first interactive children’s museum. There are more than 60 hands-on exhibits on the square of 700m2. The museum’s exhibits address the laws of psychics, chemistry and explain interesting natural phenomenon.  «LabirintUm» is a learning environment. Every visitor becomes an active participant of exciting experiments: creating tornado, finding yourself inside a huge soap bubble, catching your shadow, creating waves or lightning, finding the way out of mirror maze and getting to fly by the end of the day! Children besides playing and exploring exhibits on their own initiative have chance to watch shows and demonstrations. As a part of the museum touring children can join a chemistry show called «Magical Liquids». During 45 minute session kids have a journey in a world of liquids, they learn about basic physical properties of liquids: expansion, contraction, diffusion, states and color changing reaction. Children observe Professor guide doing the experiments and can party participate in the process. We encourage kids to get interested in chemistry and learn about everyday appeal of chemistry in our lives. The programmer varies depending on the age group. The show is customized for two different age groups: from 5 to 8 y.o. and from 9 to 12 y.o. To find out more about the show please see a gallery by following the link or visit our museum website at


Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, hands-on activities, workshops, demonstrations Audience: general public, educators, teachers, school children, secondary school students
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