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Chemistry Connect in SMA Labschool , Jakarta

Activity by Mustafal Bakri   |   added on Jul 27, 2011   |   Indonesia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): OEF ( Oracle Education Foundation) - Labschool Jakarta

Theme " Chemistry : Our life, our future" , this interactive session is to take place on July 28, 2011. These activitie is to connect teachers of chemistry / science, students, scientists in Auditorium SMA LAbschool Jakarta Indonesia make a forum Chemistry Connect the ThinkQuest website as a forum for sharing among them.

Theme: Chemistry at the Boundary". The contents of the intersection of chemistry with the fields of science to another, as well as areas of applied, but ultimately aimed at improving the learning of Chemistry in secondary schools, as well as the ideas of "small projects" that can enrich learning.

Speaker in Jakarta: Arif Rahman, M.Sc. A lecturer in the field of synthesis of inorganic materials and researcher for synthesis nanoparticle and nanocomposite base on Indonesian natural clay and zeolite at Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ).

Theme: Artificial photosynthesis: "Mimicking nature for the welfare and sustainability of life "

     * The introduction of the process of photosynthesis in nature and attempts to imitate artificially
     * Biomolecules as harvesters photons to the photovoltaic
     * The design of natural photosynthetic antenna systems
     * Mimicking photosynthesis in bacteria
     * Photos of hydrogen production
     * System is artificial photosynthesis
     * The use of nanoparticles in fotokatalisis
     * Photos of carbon dioxide into hydrocarbons reduction

Topic: our life, our future Audience: teachers, students
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