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Homo Sapiens Report, the Future of Humanity

Activity by Michael Wadleigh   |   added on Jul 22, 2011   |   International Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): IUPAC Congress Scientific Committee and Executive Committee

Includes the most important global issues facing science-chemistry, for example: can democracy and the free market secure sustainable development and a positive future for humanity, or must science – knowledge – take the lead?

The event will take place on Sunday afternoon 31 July, Convention Center, Puerto Rico, room 208 ABC. Homo Sapiens Report, the Future of Humanity is a highly visual presentation by Oscar winner Michael Wadleigh on how a desirable future might be achieved. It spans the 130,000 years Homo Sapiens (HS) have been a fully modern species covering all major HS characteristics and institutions - social, psychological, physiological, political, economic, environmental - science thought experiments and symbolic graphics are used to understand where HS have been, what they're all about, and where they're likely going.

Conclusions include, that to say the least, present HS global behaviors and institutions of the last 230 years are not sustainable, even for the next 40 years. Solutions for global sustainability are enumerated: HS must change fundamental political-economic-environmental laws and education; for this, guiding questions (for science-chemistry) in a 130,000 year HS context include, "What is it to live life as a human being?", "What if everyone did what I-we do?"

Topic: future problems-solutions, sustainable development Audience: chemistry leaders, decision makers, educators
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