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Interesting and Enjoyable Chemical Experiments Festival for Students

Activity by Yuki Nakamura   |   added on Jul 20, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo


Chemistry seems to be difficult for secondary school students in Japan to understand. So, we would like to make these students understand fun of chemistry through this festival. We hope that many students will be interested in the chemical field.

1.Title of activities and events

Interesting and enjoyable chemical experiments festival for students



  Date August 5, 2011  Time 13:00~17:00



 College of Analytical Chemistry, Japan



1-1 Temma 2-chome, Kita-ku,Osaka,Osaka 530-0043,JAPAN



College of Analytical Chemistry, Japan was established 30 years ago. It has not only produced about 2,800 chemists and analytical chemists to various companies and organizations, but also it has held a large number of chemical festivals for secondary school and high school students for about 20 years. Because most Japanese secondary schools don’t have many experiment classes, those school students tend to be likely not to like science. We think that it’s a sort of chemical education crisis.

Then we decided to hold these kinds of chemical festivals for students every summer vacation. By holding such a interesting and enjoyable chemical experiments festival, we would like to make these students understand fun of chemistry through doing our is as hands-on activities and listening interesting lecture.

Lastly we hope that many students will find that chemistry and science technology is very interesting and it is close to our daily life.



 1)Chemical Experiments

 ・Various changes in Plastic by Chemical ways

 ・Transforming from Chalk into Paint

 ・Rainbow Bubble

 ・Winking like Fireflies

 2)Chemical Lecture

 3)Looking around analytical apparatus







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Topic: chemistry, chemistry education, hands-on activities, science fair, analytical chemistry, demonstrations, educational materials, biotechnology Audience: secondary school students
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