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International Exhibition on Papermaking Chemicals & Technologies and Applications

Activity by Kedi Li   |   added on Jul 18, 2011   |   China Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): China National Chemical Information Center

the annual China international Pulp & Paper Chemicals Exhibition is a key event for entering china paper market. The 2011 event is the 6th in the series.


As one of the most specialized exhibitions, the annual China international Pulp & Paper Chemicals Exhibition which is co-sponsored by the China Paper Chemical Industry Association, is becoming a key event for entering china paper market. The exhibition products cover: starch, sizing agent, water-soluble polymer polymers, functional paper chemicals, paper process chemicals, fillers, coating chemicals, adhesives and other paper chemicals, etc. The exhibition area is about 8000 square meters. World Famous chemicals company Ashland, Dow Chemical, Nalco, Dow Corning, BASF, Roquette, Kemira, 3F CHIMICA, Japan Arakawa, Harima, Star, Mitsui, Mitsubishi Chemical, have all attracted to participate. As well as visitors from downstream companies such as UMIN, PT.Sina, UPM-Kymmene, BEIJING TIANQING CHEMICALS, Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co., Ltd., Pulp Paper China, Jin Feng Yuan paper.

 Thanks to the dynamic promotional campaign through our domestic and oversea supporter, China Paper Chemicals Industry Association, International Paper Chemicals Science and Technology Engineering Research Center, Japan Chemical Industry Daily, India Chemical Week, Chemical Market Research Korea, Asian paper, RISI, Paper Technology, Chinese Paper industry, China paper magazine, China Paper Chemicals magazine, etc. Chinese Companies will also join the Pulp paper, PAP-FOR RUSSIA, SPCI, Asianpaper, Chemspec and other domestic and international paper and chemicals exhibitions.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the Exhibition, please visit our Official Website: 

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