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Chemistry and Food

Activity by Basheer Paravakkal   |   added on Aug 09, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Scince Club,P.K.M.M.Higher Secondary school,EDARIKODE,Kerala,India.

A presentation on the importance of IYC 2011 and Life of Madam Marie Curie,magic experiments in the chemistry of food,a short talk on the importance of chemistry and discourse with students.

The programme is scheduled on 16th July,2011 Saturday in the smart class room of the school.The audience  will be students from 8th to 10 th standard and chemistry teachers of high school classes constituting about 150 members.It is sponsored by school science club.The programme is led by Dr:MUHAMMED SHAFI,Professor,Dipartment of chemistry,Calicut University,Kozhikode,Kerala,India. who is also an activist of popular science organisation,"KERALA SASTRA SAHITHYA PARISHAD".The  programme will have five sessions;1-A short inaugural session with head master Mr:K.KUNHIMOIDU,school resource group convener Mr: BASHEER KALODY,Staff secretary Ms:MALATHY P and science club convener Mr: BASHEER PARAVAKKAL on the stsge.2-A Power point presentation on the importance of  IYC 2011,Life and work of Madam Mrie Curie as well as Indian Chemists.3-A domonstration of simple and magical chemistry experiments in the topic food and chemistry 4- A brief talk on the importance of chemistry for the progress of society.5-A fifteen minute discourse with students aimed at further clarification and doubt clearance. T he aim of the programme is to celebrate chemistry as a ecofriendly science which is essential for the dvelopment of modern society. 

Topic: celebrating chemistry, hands-on activities, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students from high schools and chemistry teachers
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