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Québec/Ontario Mini-Symposium on Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry

Activity by Dirk Ortgies   |   added on Jul 08, 2011   |   Canada Official_iyc_logo


The 22nd Québec/Ontario Mini-Symposium on Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry is a three day conference consisting of oral- and poster-presentations. It is the premier regional conference in its field of research and provides the possibilities for exchange between graduate students, academic and industrial researchers.

The main scope of the Québec/Ontario Mini-Symposium on Bioorganic and Organic Chemistry (QOMSBOC) is to promote graduate students and their research. The conference provides students with an opportunity to showcase their research projects through posters and oral presentations in a
single session event where all attendees are exposed to leading edge research in the region. The conference provides an interactive arena for dialogue with respect to research and career opportunities since representatives from chemical and pharmaceutical research companies and universities are among the attendees. The conference also features three keynote speakers, two acadamic faculty members and one industrial researcher.

QOMSBOC is a three day event from November 11th to 13th, 2011 hosted at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada. Friday evening is the registration and opening mixer, followed on Saturday by a full day of oral presentations including two keynote lectures. Saturday evening starts with a poster session and is followed by the conference banquet. Finally, Sunday morning is the final session that also includes the third keynote speaker which is followed by the closing remarks and closing of the conference. 

Topic: organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, catalysis, green chemistry, total synthesis, conference, presentations Audience: professors, graduate students, professional chemists, researchers, industrial chemists, universities
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