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International Congress of Young Chemists "YoungChem2011"

Activity by Agnieszka Lewalska   |   added on Jul 07, 2011   |   Poland Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Warsaw University of Technology, DOW, BASF, EVONIK, Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences,SSPW Samorzad Studentow PW, Linegal Chemicals

International Congress of Young Chemists "YoungChem" is a successful event, organized annually by students of Warsaw University of Technology. Members of Scientific Society "Flogiston" do their best to let YoungChem get into the first league of "general" chemical conferences in Europe.


Scientific Chemical Society 'Flogiston' invites you to the International Congress of Young Chemists ‘YoungChem2011’. It is the 9th edition of a successful event, organized annually by students of Warsaw University of Technology. Members of Scientific Society ‘Flogiston’ do their best to let YoungChem get into the first league of ‘general’ chemical conferences in Europe.

     From its very beginning the Congress of Young Chemists - YoungChem has been an event organised by students and for students (including M.Sc.-s, Ph.D. students, Ph.D.-s and so on). Its main goal is to give an opportunity for young, skilled and ambitious scientists to present to international audience their areas of research, attend lectures by famous and respectable professors, meet industry representatives and, of course, integrate. Organisers try to create comfortable atmosphere during the conference, keeping at the same time its high scientific level, all of which makes each YoungChem an event to remember.

     ‘Flogiston’ does its best so that the conference's every subsequent edition is better than the previous one. Since 2003 YoungChem has evolved from a modest congress for students from Poland and its neighbouring countries through a European congress into an international one, which attracted over 110 participants from 25 countries from all over the world.

     Apart from its scope, each YoungChem resulted in new friendships, international student exchanges and good memories of the time spent together. The Organising Committee hopes that the upcoming ninth edition shall keep this tradition and be at least as successful as the previous ones.

This time we want to invite You on 12-16.10.2011 to Fero Express Hotel ***

Bolesława Smialego Street 60

30 - 398 Cracow, POLAND.


We will be able to listen to lectures given by:

Prof. A.G.M Barrett
Department of Chemistry
Imperial College of London, Great Britain

Prof. Anthony Davis
School of Chemistry
University of Bristol, Great Britain

Prof. Kurt Faber
Department of Chemistry
Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry
University of Graz, Austria

Prof. Bertram Fraser-Reid

Natural Products and Glycotechnology Research Institute

 Prof. Bernd Giese

Depatrment of Chemistry

University of Basel, Switzerland

Prof. Daniel T. Gryko
Department of Chemistry
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Grzegorz Mlostoń
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Łódź, Poland

Prof. Victor Snieckus
Department Of Chemistry
Queen's University, Canada

Prof. Nikolay Zefirov
Department of Chemistry
Moscow State University, Russia


  We hope that low conference fee, friendly atmosphere, great speakers and always high scientific level  will be enough to see You at our congress and spend together a wonderful time. For more information about registration and details check our official website:

We can assure you that YoungChem2011 is going to be a great scientific experience as well as a social one! 

Do not hesitate. Let us meet in Cracow on 12th October!

Topic: conferences, chemistry, biotechnology Audience: students, professional chemists, research scientists, universities, post graduate students, women chemists, educational institutions
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