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A Soupçon of Science: Creativity at the Interface of Chemistry and Cuisine

Activity by Gwen Lawrie   |   added on Jul 13, 2011   |   Australia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): BrisScience, The University of Queensland (SCMB), The Science Teachers Association of Queensland, and New Zealand Institute of Chemistry

A/Prof Kent Kirshenbaum (NYU) will present a free public lecture providing an engaging exploration of the world of cooking from a molecular perspective. The audience will have opportunity to engage in the topic through samples circulated during the presentation.

NYU Chemistry Professor Kent Kirshenbaum gives a fascinating lecture-demonstration on the chemistry and physics of food. A master in the art of doing things with and to food, (such as stretching ice cream and using industrial processes to turn cheese into airy delights), he combines science, food and showmanship to rival Heston's Feast. He co-founded the Experimental Cuisine Collective and is associated with the website Cooking for Geeks.

Date: Monday 22nd August

Time: 6:30 pm (Doors open at 6pm)

Venue: Long Room, Customs House, Riverside, Brisbane (no need to book and no entry fee)

We are very pleased to host Kent in Brisbane as part of the BrisScience series after his outreach tour of New Zealand. Celebrate the International Year of Chemistry by spending an hour with some gastronomic molecules! His presentation will appeal to all members of the community and you are guaranteed to leave with new insights into the food we eat.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, seminars, demonstrations, chemistry education Audience: general public, professors, educators, teachers, secondary school students, secondary schools, professional chemists, tertiary students


Rupashree Dass | Jul 19, 2011 01:12PM

Wow chemistry of food is really intriguing!!

The chemistry and physics behind food opens up a whole new dimension of science.I would love to know more on  how chemistry is helping to solve the world food crises.

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