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Dow AgroSciences Industry, Brazil celebrates IYC - Launch and Event Calendar

Activity by Magali Betta   |   added on Jul 07, 2011   |   Brazil Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Dow AgroSciences - Franco da Rocha Site

Workshops, lectures and classes devoted to preservation of the community, its enviroment and building awareness of the importance of Chemistry in our daily lives.

Project Launch - March 15th

Twenty-five representatives from the local community were invited to participate in the project. They were oriented about the IYC theme and the positive points of having them join with us in the activities. Who were these people? They were educators, journalists, business people and neighborhood associations representatives. They accepted the invitation and we brainstormed ideas related to the projects and we worked out the calendar of events for the year.


Earth Day - April 22 (celebrated at Dow AgroSciences on April 26th)

Lectures & Workshops - May 10 / June 3 / August 5 / October 7

Environmental Awareness Lectures at school - June 3

Introductory Chemistry Classes - June 18 / July 26 / September 5

Selective Collection of Recyclable Waste - May to November (photos to be included later)

Educational Visits - June / July / August (photos to be included later)

School Project related to Chemistry - June to November (photos to be included later)

Project Closing Ceremonies - November 25 (photos to be included later)

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, seminars, hands-on activities, workshops, sustainable and green chemistry Audience: students, general public, educational institutions
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