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Experimental Show

Activity by Rosalind Boulton   |   added on Jun 21, 2011   |   Australia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): The University of Queensland

Fire and ice, smoke and explosions galore - come and celebrate the International Year of Chemistry with our chemists who are sure to excite and entertain you in this spectacular show that demonstrates what chemistry is all about!

Part of The University of Queensland's St Lucia Open Day, this free show is fun and educational.  Little children will enjoy seeing the demonstrations, and older students and parents will benefit from high-quality explanations. For an idea of what you're in for, visit our website.

Two shows will be presented on Sunday 7 August, one from 11am to 11.45, and one from 2.15pm to 3.

The venue is the Physiology Lecture Theatres, Building 63, Room 358, Map Ref G9.

For information about the show, visit the website or email us.

Topic: chemistry, show, magic, demonstration Audience: children, families, students, high schools, secondary schools, univ
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