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Arkema Summer Science Teacher Education Program

Activity by John Caccese   |   added on Jun 16, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Arkema Inc.

Major Arkema plant locations throughout North America will provide program materials, training and mentorship to selected elementary school science teachers in their local area to strengthen their knowledge of science and enhance their teaching skills.

Initially begun in 1996, Arkema's Science Teacher Education Program has trained approximately 800 teachers nationwide

Beginning in late June, 2011 and continuing through the summer, eight Arkema plant locations will each sponsor a small number of elementary school science teachers from their respective local areas to attend a 3-4 day program at their plant. Educators will receive a purchased package of program materials (worth $600 - $1500), dedicated instruction on integrating the program into their school curriculum, see and participate in special demonstrations, receive plant tours and receive mentorship from seasoned Arkema scientists who will follow their progress throughout the forthcoming school year. During the 2011 program, information about the International Year of Chemistry - 2011 will be integrated into the program. 

When these educators return to school, they will not only integrate the new program materials they received into their class curriculum, but will be better equipped to serve as science teachers in their school.

Throughout the school year, the participating teachers will have access to their Arkema scientist mentors, and can schedule Arkema scientist visits to schools for classroom demonstration, career day events and science fairs.

The following Arkema plants will participate in the 2011 Science Teacher Education Program:

King of Prussia, PA (8-9 teachers);

Birdsboro, PA (3 teachers);

Geneseo, NY (3 teachers);

Calvert City, KY (3 teachers);

Houston, TX (3 teachers);

Louisville, KY (3 teachers);

Beaumont, TX (3 teachers);

Mobile, AL (3 teachers).

Selection for the program is competitive, and program materials are mailed out to schools at the beginning of January. Applications for the program are due by mid-March and decisions on participating teachers are made in the April time frame.

Each participating teacher is also awarded  $500 stipend for participation and the participating school is also awarded a $500 stipend.

An excited, motivated and empowered science teacher who can bring that excitement, along with improved skills  to the teaching of science to elementary school children is the end goal of the program. The integration between science teacher education and the International Year of Chemistry - 2011 is a natural fit, and will be included by each plant in this year's program.

Topic: chemistry education, educational materials, hands-on activities, workshops, demonstrations, celebrating chemistry Audience: students, educators, teachers, educational institutions, school children
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