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Night Lab: The Science of Coffee

Activity by Stephanie Levi   |   added on Jun 09, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Science is Sexy

Get schooled in the science of coffee at this Sunday's Night Lab, where Intelligentsia's Green Coffee Manager and Buyer Sarah Kluth will trace the drink's journey from tree to cup. Night Lab makes science enjoyable and accessible for the general public, bringing fun, educational science programming to adults in Chicago.

Coffee is a pleasure and (for many of us) a morning necessity, but do you know the science behind your morning brew? Join us for Night Lab, Chicago’s science series for adults, where we’ll learn the science of coffee from Sarah Kluth of Chicago’s own Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea as she traces the life of coffee from the tree to your cup. We’ll learn the chemistry behind the perfect cup, giving you the science you need to master the ultimate brew at home. If you’ve ever wondered about the chemistry behind the complex flavor of coffee, the physics behind a strong or weak cup, or the biology behind coffee’s amazing effects and flavors, come by for a drink and stay for a delicious science lesson.

Schubas (3159 N. Southport)
June 12, 2011
7-9 PM
Red Line to Belmont

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, workshops, demonstrations Audience: general public, research scientists, post graduate students, women chemists
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