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Science in the News Flash IYC 2011 Special Edition

Activity by Johnny Kung   |   added on Jun 09, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo


A collection of articles written by graduate students at Harvard University to promote public appreciation and understanding of chemistry


SITN Flash, a public online newsletter written by graduate students at Harvard University, has produced a special edition to celebrate IYC 2011. A variety of articles discuss the current developments in various areas of chemistry and their impact on health, environment, and other aspects of our lives and society. Topics covered include pharmaceutical chemistry, new materials, clean energy, green chemistry, nuclear chemistry, and environmental chemistry. A special feature explores the link between chemistry and art. As well, we had the honour of interviewing with distinguished chemist Prof. George Whitesides about the future of chemistry and the role it can play in solving the pressing problems of the developing world.
Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, publications, website Audience: general public, educators, universities, graduate students
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