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Germany-Japan Chemistry Symposium

Activity by Nobuyuki Kawashima   |   added on Jul 19, 2011   |   Japan Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Sponsors: The Chemical Society of Japan, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, Supported by: Tokyo Insitute of Technology, Wiley-VCH

CSJ and GDCh jointly hold a symposium inviting Nobel laureates and prominent scientists celebrating the 150-year amicable relationship between the two nations. This is also sponsored by Tokyo Institute of Technology on its130th anniversary and on the 50 years since foundation of Angewandte Chemie by GDCh and Wiley-VCH.

●Germany-Japan Chemistry Symposium

-Catalysis & Synthesis, Advanced Materials & Chemical Biology-

Date: June 20, 2011

Place: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kuramae Hall, Ookayama, Tokyo


Hartmut Michel (Nobel Prize 1988), Ryoji Noyori (Nobel Prize 2001),

Barry Sharpless (Nobel Prize 2001), Akira Suzuki (Nobel Prize 2010)

 Francois Diederich (Zurich)

Alois Fürstner , Helmut Schwarz (Germany)

Hideo Hosono, Tohru Fukuyama, Tenunori Fujita (Japan) 


The year 2011 is the IYC and is the 150th year since establishment of the amicable relationship between the two nations, the 130th anniversary of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and the 50 year anniversary of Angewandte Chemie founded by GDCh/Wiley-VCH. Celebrating this landmark year, both CSJ and GDCh will hold the chemical symposium inviting Nobel Laureates and prominent scientists in the field of chemistry.

Topic: seminars Audience: professional chemists, students, university professors, industrial chemists, and general public from mostly from japan and germany.
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