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Colour Chromatography

Activity by Susan Critchley   |   added on May 23, 2011   |   Switzerland Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Primar Schule Maisprach Basel, CH

Engaging young minds to discover science in every day- identifying which black felt tiip pen gives which signature chromatogram, which paper allows teh colours to move fastest. Also, making patterns with by "un-mixing" colours the reverse of activities when painting ( younger kids). In German.

Discover how colourerd in felt tip pens get the right colour. Have you ever mixed paints to get teh colour you want ? How do you think felt tip pens are made ? Discover what makes black and the many shades of black.

Primary school kids ( 4-12) pass by the Chemistry stand ( 70 children during 1 afternoon)  and conduct paper chromatography using differnt papers and different pens, using water asd the eluting phase. Children are asked to fill in a short questionnaire to answer which paper wicks the water fasted, which components are in a selection of colours and also to identify 3 different black pens only from their chromatography trace. Correct sheets will be put into  a draw for a Globi Chemistry book.

Younger children can make patterns using the principles of chromatography on flat paper by dropping water in the middle of a pattern 

Papers can be hung to dry then taken home as souvenir.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, analytical chemistry Audience: primary school children


Rupashree Dass | May 27, 2011 10:11AM

Wow what  way to teach chromatography! I really found it quite  innovative

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Jun 10, 2011 Colour Chromatography