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Talk series: A perspective of biodiversity and natural products

Activity by Bryann esteban AvendaƱo uribe   |   added on May 15, 2011   |   Colombia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Science Facultity

Talk series about the chemistry as a tool for sustainable use and exploitation of biodiversity, the natural products and the current topics in phytochemistry

Create a space for interaction between different areas of knowledge that act as and sustainable use of biodiversity, which are interested in promoting of phytochemistry as a promising alternative in our country and major projections on Bioprospecting. In order to Commemorate the international year of chemistry with an event that brings together scientists from academia different areas to share experiences on the issue of biodiversity use and use in the context of natural products. And  Promote at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana a space to learn the work of the group phytochemical and other future prospects of both the Department of Chemistry and the Herbarium of Department of Biology  and other research groups whose interests meet the use of Biodiversity and products natural.

Finally, the generation of knowledge in areas such as phytochemistry and Bioprospecting offer an alternative to the use and exploitation of biodiversity in our country as an important meeting of academic, university-enterprise co-state and integrate the chemistry as a practical science in the task of taking advantage of natural resources.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, sustainable and green chemistry, biotechnology Audience: students, professional chemists, research scientists, teachers, post graduate students, secondary school students, high schools
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