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1° Encuentro Nacional de Estudiantes de Química

Activity by Maximiliano Andres Zensich   |   added on May 29, 2011   |   Argentina Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto

This meeting will feature different scope of careers relating to the chemical sciences and generate interest in chemistry through plenary lectures given by industrial chemists and chemical researchers, as well as debates and talks carried out by degree and post-degree students.


This meeting will be carried out in the National University of Rio Cuarto from the 8th to the 10th of October, 2011. Prestigious speakers from all over the country; members of a wide variety of educational institutions, universities, industries and research organizations; and degree and post-degree students from several universities and schools of chemistry will be attending the campus of the university and participating in the activities. 
Activities will be featuring conferences, debates, talks and lectures on recent research works. The goal is to reach integration among the areas of chemistry and give a wide view of what is being done regarding chemical activities all along the country.

Topics to be discussed include:
  • Degree profile and work alternatives, pointing to the range of application that chemistry-related graduates have, such as researchers, teachers and technicians. Work offers in the region and its surroundings, pros and cons of such career fields and relevant topics of research will be brough to discussion
  • Research and work internships debates: the existance, propierties and postive/negative aspects of internship programs will be brought to consideration by students.
  • Discussions on careers syllabuses and extracurricular activities of each institute attending the meeting: this will be done for the sake of benchmarking and suggestion of possible improvements.
  • Popular science: talks on this topic will be given by speakers and representatives of many universities with the purpose of fugure out how to stimulate and encourage high-school students and society in general to have interesent in disciplines such as chemistry, physics and biology, given the incresing level of apathy on this areas.
  • Talks on degree and post-degree theses will be carried out by guest students.
  • The creation of a national federation of chemistry students will be considered to facilitate the organization of future events and meetings and to build a network which would enable students to share their experiences and become aware of educational, investigative and work opportunities available among institutions all over the country.

Topic: chemistry education, conferences, educational materials, seminars, sustainable and green chemistry, analytical chemistry, publications, biotechnology, industrial trade fair Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, educators, industrial chemists, teachers, post graduate students, women chemists, educational institutions, secondary school students, tertiary education
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