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Physical-Chemical Techniques to Solve Environmental Challenges

Activity by Laura McConnell   |   added on Sep 15, 2010   |   Puerto Rico Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): IUPAC, ACS

The American Chemical Society sponsors a symposia for the 2011 IUPAC World Congress on the topic of new developments in research associated with analytical technologies and environmental problems.

Advances in environmental science are occurring rapidly with the introduction of new analytical approaches to better characterize the chemical and physical interactions between pollutants and complex natural systems. Large databases of important physical and chemical properties of pesticides and other organic and inorganic pollutants exist for use in environmental fate models.
However, the fate of these pollutants will also be strongly influenced by the chemical nature of the heterogeneous environmental compartments like sediments, colloids, soils, atmospheric particles, and living organisms. The nature of environmental compartments will vary widely in different parts of the world, influencing the distribution, transport, and persistence of compounds. Scientists are utilizing innovative analytical techniques and technologies to better characterize natural media and the interaction of pollutants with these media in order to understand and solve environmental problems. This symposium will highlight some of the newest developments in this field of research with respect to analytical technologies, environmental problems, and regions of the world.

This symposium is a partnership among the IUPAC Division of Chemistry and the Environment, the Agrochemicals and Environmental Chemistry Divisions of ACS, and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. The two-day symposium will be organized by representatives of all four organizations, including Edgard Resto-Rodríguez, IUPAC National Representative from Puerto Rico.

Topic: environment, analytical chemistry Audience: professional chemists, post graduate students
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