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Role of Chemistry in Explosive Industries

Activity by Venkata srinivasa rao Narasimhadevara   |   added on May 08, 2011   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Premier Explosives Ltd

Explosives are nothing but one or multiple chemicals only. To know the behavior of ecplosives one should understand the chemistry of materials that are used in explosives. The people working in this industry will be educated on this subject by experts in the field.

Explosive Industry in India is expanding. All these explosives are nothing but combination or single chemical only.  Many people who are not aware of the consequences of mishandling the chemicals are hadling these chemicals. None of them know even the name of the chemical because of trade secrets.


MSDS of many materials are not available with them. There were some accidents and loss of lives due to their innocence or ignorance. Keeping this facte in view we want to conduct a one day seminar in he lecture hall of M/S Premier Explosives Limited and explain the facats, educate the industiral workers,engineers and chemists on material safety data sheets and importance of operational safety.


We are planning to conduct this one day event on 15th July 2011


I feel it is a great way to celebrate IYC with this event as it will educate some persons on chemistry of some materials and required safety precautions will be put in place in their works. So we can avoid mishaps.

Topic: chemistry education Audience: industrial chemists, industrial engineers, industrial workers
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