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ChemComm Highlights in Chemistry

Activity by Joanne Thomson   |   added on Sep 15, 2010   |   United Kingdom Official_iyc_logo


Throughout 2011, ChemComm will be publishing a series of 'Highlights in Chemistry'. These short, review-style articles, written by leading researchers, will highlight the most significant chemical advances since the millennium, stressing their importance to the chemists of today and the future.

To celebrate the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to the well-being of humankind, ChemComm will be marking IYC 2011 by publishing a series of short, review-style articles called ‘Highlights in Chemistry’.


We have approached some of the most prominent researchers in the chemical sciences to look back over the most significant chemical advances in their areas of research since the millennium and present their outlook for the future.


The Highlights in Chemistry series will appeal to ChemComm’s broad chemistry readership and introduce non-specialists to significant fields that will continue to be important for the next generation of chemists. One Highlight in Chemistry article will appear in each issue of ChemComm throughout 2011. They will also all be gathered together on the ChemComm website ( and widely promoted to help inspire young chemists and generate enthusiasm for the future of chemistry.

Topic: celebrating chemistry, the future of chemistry, publications Audience: professors, students, professional chemists, post graduate students


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