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Celebrating IYC at the Cincinnati Museum Center

Activity by Gloria Story   |   added on May 06, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Cincinnati Section of the ACS, Cincinnati Museum Center - Natural History and Science Museum

Four events at the museum covering the 4 main themes of the ACS Committee on Community Activities IYC programming: environmental (water), energy (alternatives), materials (recycling and nanomaterials), and health (nutrition, hygiene, and medicine).

The American Chemical Society has organized 4 quarters of themed events to celebrate IYC, with a unified theme of water for the entire year.  The Cincinnati section of the ACS is partnering with the Cincinnati Museum Center’s (CMC) Natural History and Science Museum (NHSM) to provide demonstrations and hands-on programming for school children, teachers, and families.   The first quarter’s environmental theme is centered on the importance of water…its sources, purity, and sustainability and was held on March 25th.  The second quarter's theme of energy is focused on alternative sources of energy.  Our event was celebrated during the city of Cincinnati's Earth Day programming at Sawyer Point park on April 16th and will be repeated at the museum on May 6th.  The third quarter has a theme around materials - recycling and nanomaterials.  That event is scheduled for August 5th at the CMC.  The final quarter is our National Chemistry Week celebration with a health theme - nutrition, hygiene, and medicine.  NCW for Cincinnati will be celebrated all over the OH-KY-IN area; at libraries and the CMC.  Our museum dates are October 21st and 22nd.

Topic: demonstrations and hands-on activities Audience: school children and families
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