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Forest School Educational Fundraiser Periodic Table

Activity by Steven Marsh   |   added on May 26, 2011   |   United Kingdom Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Forest School, London E17 3PY

Forest School has installed the world's first Educational Fundraiser Periodic Table to educate and inspire its pupils whilst raising funds for improvements to its science facilities. Those interested in sponsoring an element can find out more by visiting the school or email


Science Regeneration at Forest School, London E17 3PY


‘It seems to me most appropriate that, in this, the International Year of Chemistry, four pupils should win the Institute of Chemistry's ‘Top of the Bench’ Competition, and  Forest School should install a Periodic Table outside the Science Block as both a fundraising vehicle and learning resource.’ Dr Colin Barker, BSc, Head of Science, Forest School.


Science is one of Forest School’s particular strengths. Our Science results are already impressive with most pupils taking individual Sciences, increasing numbers of Sixth Form pupils opting for Science subjects and many pupils going on to University to study Medicine or related subjects such as Biological Sciences and Engineering. Last year 49 pupils, 38% of those going to University, chose a Science or Engineering course. We are also very proud to number amongst our Old Foresters many eminent academics, medics, scientists and industrialists.

The Science department is one of the busiest areas at Forest and we are committed to a significant investment to deliver even higher levels of excellence. Those wishing to support Science education at Forest can now sponsor elements on the huge Periodic Table which was installed outside the Science Block on 4th May 2011. Sponsors' names will be placed under their selected element and their support will help us to provide today's pupils with first class school laboratories. There are also eleven boxes available for businesses to sponsor the Periodic Table.


Your Chance to be in Your Element

Do you love how this element is used? Is Dimitri Mendeleev your hero? Do have a significant number? Does the atomic symbol match your initials? Is red your favourite colour?

For more information on individual elements go to


If you would like to sponsor one of our elements visit

Most elements can be sponsored for £1000

Noble Gases and notable elements (Atomic Numbers 1, 2,  6, 8, 9, 10, 18, 36, 37,  54, 86,  87, 101, 102 & 118)   £1500

Other Metals  (Atomic Numbers 13, 30-32, 48 -51, 80-84 and 112-117)    £500                                                                                  

Gold, Silver and Platinum will be auctioned. Submit bids to The reserve price is £3000


The fully sponsored Periodic Table will raise over £118,000 towards creating one central, dedicated Science department. Our plans involve:-

  • Refurbishing two labs in summer 2011. This has been made possible thanks to a £40,000 grant from the Wolfson Foundation  matched in part by donations from a Governor, parents and Old Foresters
  • Converting neighbouring classrooms into laboratories to accommodate the Girls’ School and Prep School labs currently sited elsewhere in the school.
  • Refurbishing the remaining three laboratories in the Science Block
  • Building additional laboratories.

If you are interested in installing your own Educational Fundraiser Periodic Table please email for contact details.

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