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International Seminar on Chemistry 2011 (ISC-2011)

Activity by Safri Ishmayana   |   added on Apr 29, 2011   |   Indonesia Official_iyc_logo


To celebrate the International Chemistry Year 2011 (ICY 2011) and 54th anniversary of Padjadjaran University we make arrangement of a seminar with invited speakers from various international scientific institutes. Ther seminar will be held on 24-25 November 2011. Website:

Chemistry has important roles in developing modern world and improving quality of life of human being. Almost everything in everyday life has a benefit from chemical sciences, and therefore it has a very huge influence on human life. As a branch of natural science, chemistry is a very powerful tool that can create a better future, or in contrary, if it mislead can create disaster. For this reason, appropriate usage of chemical knowledge can lead human being to improve their quality of life.

Chemistry is both rapidly growing and embracing other sciences, and therefore researchers require update in recent development of this field. One of effective way to achieve this objective is by discussion between both local and international researchers in form of international seminar. Through this discussion we expect that we can give recommendation for improving chemical education in higher degree education for creating chemist and research product that can be applied for improving better quality of life. Furthermore, through this seminar more communication and cooperation in education and research with local and international institution can be developed.

To celebrate in the International Chemistry Year 2011 (ICY 2011) and 54th anniversary of Padjadjaran University, as a continuation of previous International Seminar on Chemistry and to achieve the mentioned objectives we make arrangement of a seminar with invited speakers from various international scientific institutes. This seminar will offer a comprehensive understanding on how to optimize chemical sciences for improving the quality of life of human being and therefore can create a better future. It will cover topics, among others, not only associated with innovation in new methods seeking to combine the reactivity and selectivity of synthetic organometallic crystals, but also on acquiring insights in the fundamental properties of biomolecules relevant for industrial and biomedical applications. In addition, chemical education is also included in the present seminar, as this aspect also has a very important impact on creating good chemists. The ultimate goal of this seminar is to achieve elegant solutions of hazards-free, waste-free, energy efficient chemical processes of non-toxic products without sacrificing efficacy of function which eventually can create a better future for human being.

Topic: conferences, seminars Audience: students, professional chemists, professors, researchers, universities, post graduate students and professors., post graduate students


Josefina Morales | May 05, 2011 02:04AM

Hi Ishmayana:

Thats an important event that you'll cellebrate in your country.

I'll have  in this month a conference about this topic  and how Chemistry  improve our quality of life. My audience will be students and teachers of our largest public unviersity.

My question is, can you send to me some references or   Web pages about this topic in order to know more and have a good lecture to my assistance's conference.

Thank you very much.


Josefina Morales

Dominican Republic

Safri Ishmayana | May 05, 2011 10:29AM

Hi Josefina,

Thank you for your comment. Actually, the idea of the present  event, like the previous event, is based on green chemistry. By green chemistry, we can reduce unnecessary process which eventually reduce waste which will harm the environment. you can get many articles discussing green chemistry. I will send some references to your e mail.


Best regards,


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