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Green Chemicals and Greener Technology of Chemicals

Activity by Kuppusamy Uthaman   |   added on Apr 21, 2011   |   Kuwait Official_iyc_logo


Devising new specifications for oil field chemicals and move towards selection of greener chemicals and introduce greener technology.

A Poster session took place in Hilton Hotel Ball Room, Kuwait city on 19 &  20 April 2011 during a Knowledge sharing international conference, arranged by Kuwait Oil Company. Scholars and industrial experts from GCC countries visited the Poster  room and our Green Chemicals theme  attracted their attention. In order to encourage the women's role in Chemistry, a lady chemist was selected to present the Poster. She covered all topics successfully and other  

Further activities will continue during chemical selection of less hazard in nature and environmenatal friendly chemicals  for which field trials have to be conducted sothat their efficiency is not compromised in industry applications.

Topic: sustainable and green chemistry, conferences Audience: professional chemists, research scientists, industrial chemists


Kuppusamy Uthaman | Jun 25, 2011 04:48PM

Greener technology, in the form of bulk storage project,  which includes handling and transporting all the chemicals in a closed environment reducing fumes to human exposure and prevent atmospheric pollution.  A bulk handling chemicals storage facility with huge storage tanks and pumps will eliminate the current supply in small drums. Around 50000 drums will be eliminated annually which  are hazardous waste due to left over chemicals.  Also, road tankers will be used to transport chemicals to all production locations and filling the day tanks by filling connections. This is a huge leap forward in greener technology  approach and  will be be implemented in a years time  in Kuwait Oil Company.,

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