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Why does chemistry matter? (pun intended!) Cafe Sci Boston

Activity by Jennifer Larese   |   added on Apr 21, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): NOVA/WGBH and COPUS

Cafe Sci Boston is pleased to have Cheryl Lavoie from Simmons College to talk with us about teaching chemistry as it happens in our everyday lives, the fall-out from Japan's nuclear power plant, and eating bananas. Join us for the discussion.

Join us at Café Sci Boston as we talk with Cheryl Lavoie from Simmons College about how and why chemistry matters – to everyone! Highlights to include the joys of teaching chemistry, measuring radioactivity in our everyday lives, and eating bananas. We'll do a quick case study of the Japanese nuclear power plant crisis, too.

In preparation for the talk, feel free to review this illustration from the web comic of a radiation dose chart: This co-hosted NOVA and COPUS event is part of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC2011) which is a worldwide celebration of the achievements of chemistry.

Join Café Sci on Wednesday for great food, drinks, and conversation about teaching chemistry and demonstrating the value it offers not only to nursing majors in a college setting, but for everyone in their every day lives. We will use the Japanese nuclear situation as a short case study of radioactivity and its impact on our daliy lives, focusing on food products such as bananas. This science cafe will also be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of and even talk one-on-one with chemists.  The science cafe is co-hosted by NOVA/WGBH, producers of the public television series NOVA scienceNOW and COPUS (Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science).

Topic: chemistry education, networking Audience: students, general public, educators
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