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Celebrating the chemistry of industrial hygiene monitoring instrumentation: A reception to honor Dr. Jack Driscoll

Activity by Jennifer Maclachlan   |   added on Apr 15, 2011   |   United States Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society, PID Analyzers, LLC

Reception in honor of Dr. Jack Driscoll, NESACS Member and father of photoionization recognizing him as major contributor to the field of Industrial Hygiene (IH) utilizing his innovative skills as a chemist.

Sunday evening May 15, 2011 6pm-7pm

Hilton Portland & Executive Tower Alexander's Restaurant 23rd Floor, 921 Southwest Sixth Avenue Portland, OR 97204

Presentation will include the story of how Jack commercialized the technology of photoionization in 1973 initially designed for field use by industrial hygienists and three years later applying the technology to gas chromatography for lab-based applications. Anecdotes related to the development of the product and the initial sales will be included as well as the actual first unit that was sold in 1974 to B.F. Goodrich which was donated back to us 25 years after it was sold!

I will have two speakers at the event: Geoff Hewitt, formally of HNU and Phil Smith of OSHA who is currently co-authoring a book with Jack on IH instrumentation.

Topic: Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, research scientists, industrial chemists, universities, women chemists
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