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Spreading awareness through society

Activity by sharare masoumi   |   added on Oct 02, 2010   |   Iran, Islamic Republic Of Official_iyc_logo


We will form a chemical NGO for our purpose to activate teachers, students, and create and spread awareness about chemistry in society and through public. We want engage women in environmental problems and call them to challenge with these problems. We want to tell the public that everything around us is a chemical matter.

We will form a NGO about chemistry, that can active in local, regional and national level.

We will organise many programs and performance them in IYC. The NGO core will be in shahriar, and we hope that our NGO active in october 2010.

Via this NGO, we will communicate with the general public, students, teachers, decisionmakers, women,....and in this way we can familliar them with the chemical world that surround them, and spread awareness about chemistry role in their lives.

Also via workshops we can tell them about their role in destruction or protection of the environment, and also about their role in global warming, and how they can decrease or increase this process velocity and increase in this way their responsibility about future generations.

Also we want to produce the renewable energies (specialy solar energy) to them, and make the solar oven a fun program.

Although 2011 will be the international year of chemistry, life will continue after the 2011 and our mother earth is threatened with human activities, and we must believe that our duty will not finish after 2011.

Topic: workshops, seminars, celebrating chemistry Audience: chemists, teachers, students, general public
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