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International Symposium on Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials

Activity by Yann Garcia   |   added on Apr 09, 2011   |   Belgium Official_iyc_logo


From a deep understanding of the synthesis of complex nanostructured materials to physical and chemical process applications

The International Symposium of Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials (ACIN 2011) will be  held from Sept 11-14 2011 in Namur (Belgium). This symposium constitutes one of the rare chemistry conference that will gather both scientists from solid state and inorganic molecular chemistry around a joint thematic centered on the synthesis and study of a novel generation of inorganic nanomaterials. Top speakers from the US, Japan, China, Germany, France ... have been invited and experienced speakers from the UK, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Ireland have accepted to give an oral talk. Around 300 participants are expected coming from Europe, US,  Africa, Asia (Japan, China), India, Iran ... The meeting will increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry thanks to the opening general lecture. It will also encourage interest of young people by promoting attendance of the youngest scientits and chemistry doctoral schools in Belgium. Enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry will be shared by the top quality nanoscience presented. The role of women in chemistry will also be celebrated by listening top quality female scientists from the UK, Germany and France.


Topic: conferences, celebrating chemistry, workshops, science fair Audience: students, professional chemists, general public, professors, research scientists, universities, industrial chemists, women chemists, decision makers, graduate students
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