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A World without Polymers

Activity by Giancarlo Galli   |   added on Aug 29, 2010   |   International Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): IUPAC Polymer Division

We will hold a video and essay contest celebrating IYC. The topic will be to imagine a "World without Polymers" and to write about the detrimental effect on society if polymers were absent. We expect to award prizes including a trip to the World Chemical Congress for award winners.

The Polymer Division of the IUPAC is launching an International contest on “A World Without Polymers?”. The call is addressed to university and high-school students in each of the 60 countries of the national adhering and associate adhering organizations of the IUPAC. Participation in the contest is invited by submission of either a video or an essay on the theme of “A World Without Polymers?”, that is on how the world might be like if, as absurd as it may sound, there were no polymers in the contemporary or in the future world.

Therefore, the objective of this action is to increase an educated appreciation and to encourage an improved understanding of the significance of polymers and polymeric materials to everybody’s quality of life. This is achieved in the contest by envisioning in a reversed prospective the disgrace of a world without polymers and their tremendous impact.

The target audience would be the general public, where instead such appreciation is lacking and the widespread use of polymers is unconsciously taken for granted.  The essays and videos will be uploaded on the Internet, e.g. YouTube, which also ensures worldwide dissemination of the take-home message to a larger body of users.

The three best videos will be awarded a prize by the IUPAC Polymer Division, and the authors will be invited to present their work at the IUPAC 46th General Assembly in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 2011.

For more information please visit the following website.  More details and deadlines will appear here,

For additional information, please contact Giancarlo Galli, University of Pisa,

Topic: competition, video Audience: students, school children, secondary schools, high schools
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