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Chemistry: History, Philosophy and Education

Activity by Alexander Martínez   |   added on Aug 28, 2010   |   Colombia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): National Pedagogical University

International seminar about the historical and epistemological problems of chemistry and the relationships with chemical education, diffusion and communication. October 24 & 25, Bogotá D.C. (Colombia)

The International Seminar Chemistry: History, Philosophy and Education (ChemHPE) is a scholar meeting aimed to gather the chemistry teachers, researchers and professionals to reflect and discuss the historical and epistemological aspects of chemical knowledge related to the educational, pedagogical, and didactic problems of science education and public communication. Within the aims we would like to:

  • Strengthen the chemical education, in the historical and epistemological perspective, as means to increase interest of young people in chemistry;
  • Consolidate the scholar community in chemical education concerned with the historical and epistemological problemas related to the learning and teaching of chemistry;
  • Socialize the research and eduational initiatives, advaces and experiences in history and philosophy of chemistry and chemical education;
  • Establish communication networkd between researchers and teachers for sharing historical, epistemological and educational knowledge of chemistry.

Thereby, the chemical education, professional and other interested specialist community is invited to participate in the International Seminar Chemistry: History, Philosophy and Education, as a manner to pay tribute to all men and women devoted to build this scientific discipline, but specially to all persons committed to the new citizenship and chemical professionalism training.

Working Areas

Aimed to generate meeting spaces between chemistry teachers, researchers and professionals linked by common problems and questions in their experience, International Seminar Chemistry: History, Philosophy and Education propose the following working areas:

  • Contemporary Issues in the History and Philosophy of Chemistry

Discussion and review of historical and epistemological problems in chemistry in terms of its foundations, practices and technological objects within all subfield and specialties, as well as chemical specificities, relationships with other scientific and non-scientific disciplines, aesthetical views, ethical and environmental matters.

For such matter we shall be attended by Professor Jeffrey I. Seeman from University of Richmond with the conference Responsible Conduct of Research in Academic Chemistry in the United States, commented by professor José Luis Villaveces from Universidad de los Andes.

  • Contemporary Issues in Chemical Education

Discussion and review of pedagogical and didactical problems in chemistry linked to its history and development, within all modalities and levels of scientific and technological training, likewise the school and promotion spaces of chemistry to contribute for citizenship and social development building.

For such matter we shall be attended by Professor Vicente A. Talanquer from University of Arizona with the conference Chemical Education: Listening the voice of history and philosophy, commented by professor Rómulo Gallego Badillo from Universidad Pedagógica Nacional.

  • Historical and Epistemological Issues related to Chemical Education

Discussion and review of historical, philosophical, and sociological approaches in order to improve teaching, learning, and curricula in chemical education. Furthermore, discussion and review of the attempts of including history and philosophy courses in chemistry teacher education programs, as well as the discussion of the philosophy and purpose of chemical education and their place in and contribution to the intellectual and ethical development of individuals and cultures.

For such matter we shall be attended by Professor José Antonio Chamizo from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México with the conference The Historical and Philosophical Alternative in Chemical Curriculum proposed by Stephen Toulmin, commented by professor Álvaro García Martínez from Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas.

Also we shall have the special paper contribution by Professor William B. Jensen from University of Cincinnati Logic, History and the Chemistry Textbooks: A reappraisal and update.


The International Seminar Chemistry: History, Philosophy and Education will have two work sessions. In the first session, early in the morning, the national and international guests’ central conferences will take place within each working area, to introduce the participants in the current approaches in the history and philosophy of science and chemical education. In the second session, later in the afternoon, the audience will be divided in three discussion groups according to the working areas and led by the central speakers to share and socialize research experiences. At the end, the event will be concluded by a central panel to gather findings and results of the scholar journey, while presenting the challenges for chemical education in the historical and epistemological perspective.

Topic: conferences, chemistry, workshops, chemistry education, educational materials, courses Audience: professional chemists, students, educators, post graduate students, professors, universities, teachers, educational institutions


Victor Alfonso Nosthas Aguiar | Sep 13, 2010 08:05PM

Hello I greet you from Argentina, the initiative seems really interesting and very necessary for the education and practice of chemistry, I could not attend, then wanted to ask if there will be a way to learn the material covered in the seminar.
greetings and thank you very much

Alexander Martínez | Sep 13, 2010 08:24PM

Hola Victor Alfonso. Un gusto saludarte y agradezco tu interés por la actividad que hemos propuesto. Por supuesto que las ponencias de los invitados internacionales y nacionales serán recogidas en un libro. Al tiempo que esté consolidado, te avisaré para hacértelas conocer. Puedes escribirme a para estar en contacto. Un abrazo

Victor Alfonso Nosthas Aguiar | Sep 15, 2010 04:13AM

muchas gracias estare pendiente.

Sebastian Romero | Aug 09, 2011 01:56AM

Saludos , me gustaría saber el costo para asistir al seminario soy estudiante de segundo semestre de Licenciatura en Química , de ante mano muchas gracias

Alexander Martínez | Aug 09, 2011 02:33AM

Estimado Sebastián:

En el siguiente enlace encontrará toda la información acerca del Seminario:

Gracias por su interés.

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