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1st International Chemistry Conference and its Role in Sciences (ICCRS-1)

Activity by Rafia Azmat   |   added on Dec 10, 2010   |   Pakistan Official_iyc_logo


JAN 3rd 2011 Department of Chemistry, Jinnah University for Women is organizing 1st international chemistry conference and its role in science(ICCRS-1) to celebrate the international year of chemistry 2011 .The theme of the conference is Chemistry; Panacea of all Problems.

The Department of chemistry, Jinnah University for Women Karachi, Pakistan is organizing the 1st International Conference on Chemistry and Its Role in Science (ICCRS-1).This conference is being organized to familiarize the University faculty and the students with international scientific community as well as to bring the University up to the international level. The conference covers all related disciplines of Science in which Chemistry is involved. This conference will explain the major role of chemistry in sustainable development of country with leading role in Chemical education (workshop) and Biotechnology (one day symposium)

This conference shall be a forum for interaction between academicians and researchers at national and international levels; this would help, assess the academic and research standards of research done at home, taking into consideration the national needs and the international scenario. It will also help the University academic staff and students in sharing academic and research experiences and achievements at national as well as international levels and thus to get an opportunity of exposure to international scientific research work. The three workshops on Chemical Education, Use of HPLC and GC techniques in analysis of compounds and natural product analysis techniques will attract the students of undergraduate level to a postgraduate as well as doctorate level.

The theme of this international conference is the chemistry; panacea of all problems.

The conference includes; a chemical education workshop in which, reaction of dyes will explain the solutions of the problems existing in teaching and learning of chemistry. The unit of chemical kinetics including effect of concentration of reactants, effect of volume, effect of temperature, these different parameters will be visually demonstrated to the participants of the conference in which it will be explained how dye coloration can be used in teaching and learning of the chemical kinetics. A demonstration of calculation of rate of reaction and equilibrium constants with the help of time of disappearance and time of regeneration as a forward and back ward reaction will be explain. Publication of these ten research articles in proceedings through Springer publisher will give a broad spectrum or wider use of the research in the world of science and can be helpful to the other academia, researcher and learner in more interesting way

The biotech symposium include microorganism as a tool of detection of environmental stress of heavy metals through pigment secretion by pseudomonas species. Interaction of nematode and VAM as biotic tool to control the nematode infestation through process of adsorption by microrhizal fungi will provide the new area of research to the research community.

These and other papers including in a conference all are related with the application of Chemistry in the sustainable development of any country     





Topic: celebrating chemistry, workshops, biotechnology, conferences, chemistry education, seminars, educational materials, references Audience: students, professors, post graduate students, teachers, research scientists, women chemists, tertiary education, educational institutions
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