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Vision 2030 - popularizing chemistry in Kenya

Activity by Patricia Gitari   |   added on Feb 08, 2012   |   Kenya Official_iyc_logo

On 25th March 2011, the International Year of Chemistry was launched in Kenya at a conference held at the University of Nairobi. This second conference is a follow up and it is expected to bring together a diverse group of participants.

The conference theme, 'Popularising Chemistry with Respect to Vision 2030' will be addressed through presentations on various aspects of chemistry, its applications in different sectors of the economy, its role in development and the challenges of teaching chemistry at secondary school level and tertiary institutions. Kenya's Vision 2030 is a national long-term development blue-print to create a globally competitive and prosperous nation with a high quality of life by 2030. It aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment. The conference participants will be secondary school chemistry teachers, representatives from Teachers Training Colleges, Government, Chemical industry, Research centres and academia. This event is organised by the Department of Chemistry, University of Nairobi inconjunction with National Council for Science and Technology.
Topic: Audience: teachers
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