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Springer Joins Celebration of the IYC 2011

Activity by Andrea Wurm   |   added on Oct 22, 2010   |   Germany Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Springer

Springer has planned several activities to celebrate the International Year of Chemistry to communicate about the IYC to a broad audience.

For the Celebration of the International Year of Chemistry in 2011, Springer has several activities planned, among others:


  • Set up a homepage on which is dedicated to the IYC and which presents Springer products which can help meeting the goals of the IYC - this homepage will run for the entire year
  • Print cotton bags for people  to use at conferences etc. This will take place at different conferences that are attended by Springer and by giving the cotton bags to the attendees, we help them expressing their celebration of the IYC
  • Print an editorial in our chemistry journals in the first issues of 2011 to highlight the IYC and present how Springer can help them in meeting its goals

Topic: journals, conferences, celebrating chemistry, demonstrations, website Audience: professional chemists, educators, students, industrial chemists, professors, post graduate students, research scientist, researchers, women chemistry, women
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