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Closing Ceremony IYC in Spain

Activity by Concepció Roca   |   added on Oct 14, 2011   |   Spain Official_iyc_logo


Chemistry Day will host the Official Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 in Spain. It will take place in Barcelona at Expoquimia exhibition. Closing are: Nicole J. Moreau, President IUPAC; Carlos Negro, President Foro Química y Sociedad; and Felipe Pétriz, Spanish State Secretary for Research.

November 15, chemist’s patron saint St. Albert the Great, has a special significance in Spain: it is Chemistry Day. November 15 as Chemistry Day was officially promulgated in the Official Gazette No. 274 of November 15, 2002 by Order of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology, responding to the request of the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation (FEIQUE), the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry, the Council of Chemical Associations of Spain, the National Association of Chemists of Spain, FIA-UGT, Textile and Leather, Chemical and Related CCOO Federation, and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Chemistry Day 2011 will host the Official Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 (AIQ 2011) in Spain. Speakers from the organizations member of the Chemistry and Society Forum, official organizer of IYC in Spain, will sum up the contribution of chemistry to present and future improvement of the quality of life. The ceremony will also hold the presentation of the first Social Responsibility Report of the Spanish Chemical Industry, as well as several Chemistry Awards.

From January to December, continuing even after the official closing date, the Official Calendar of Activities for the International Year of Chemistry in Spain has been complemented by numerous Commemorative Activities in different areas, which have been held in different parts of the Spanish geography.

Attendance by Invitation Only.


Rafael Foguet, President of Expoquimia-International Chemical Exhibition, Fira de Barcelona

Video: Social Contribution of Chemistry

Lorenzo Baselga, Technical Secretary of the Chemical Associations General Council
Joaquim González-Muntadas, Secretary-General FITEQA-CCOO

Video: Economic Contribution of the Chemical Sector

Antonio Deusa, Secretary-General FITAG-UGT
Luis Serrano, President of FEIQUE –Spanish Chemical Industry Federation

EPCA Video on Chemistry applications

Chemistry Awards Presentation Ceremony

ANQUE Award for Corporate and Professional Recognition
RSEQ Gold Medal and Feique Research Award
Chemical Associations General Council ‘ Chemical Excellence Award
Expoquimia I+D+I Awards

Video: International Year of Chemistry

Nicole J. Moreau,
President IUPAC
Carlos Negro, President Spanish Chemists National Association
President Chemistry and Society Forum
Felipe Pétriz, Spanish State Secretary for Research

Topic: celebrating chemistry, networking Audience: research scientists, industrial chemists, professional chemists, educational institutions, decision makers
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