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ChemCrown 2010-11

Activity by Rajeev Singh   |   added on Jun 18, 2010   |   India Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Career Endavour Institute, WORLDS OF WONDER AMUSEMENT PARK, NOIDA

Annual Chemical Society Festival, From quizzes, extempore to chemical fashion show to hands-on activities

ChemCrown 2010-11: International Year of Chemistry (IYC) 

Committed to increase the public appreciation of chemistry and to encourage interest in chemistry among young people, the ChemCrownians once again organized and celebrated their annual festival “ChemCrown 2010-11”. This year ChemCrown went ahead and was the official event of the International Year of Chemistry, IYC 2011. The theme of the festival was “Chemistry: Our life, Our future”, and was organized on 31 January-01 February 2011.

 ChemCrown though was set to execute in January 2011 but it started for ChemCrownians with appointment of office bearers to their respective offices. Pressure on them was to maintain the success and prestige of “ChemCrown” and simultaneously raise its bar high. Though the preparations were on since the beginning of the session but real work started in December when everyone geared up and accelerated with enthusiasm. Even thinking about the scenario of “ChemCrown” gave immense pleasure. After a lot of hard work came the day we all were waiting eagerly with calendar turning to 31st January 2011.

 Day 1: Opening ceremony was kicked off by Prof. Rita Kakkar, University of Delhi. She later gave a spectacular lecture on the topic “Molecular Modeling”. The guests, the teachers and the team members were felicitated with flowers and mementos. A beautiful start pumped excitement and joy in all of us. As the expectations became high, the rest of the show was expected to be even better, which it actually came out to be.

 The first event of our 2 day festival was ChemMasters-The Chemistry quiz. It marked a great start to the fest. Huge participation from various college and institutes was received. Prelims were qualified by 5 teams. Participants were witty and knowledge equipped when it came to the Quiz Mains. The first prize shockingly was grabbed by students of Department of Physics, ARSD College and the second went to Hindu College. Along with that, Poster Making competition started where the painters painted their futuristic designs under the theme “Futuristic Science”. Many entries were observed with their own innovation which was well commended by our judges. The day ended with its last but power-packed event Speak Out, Speak Load-The Extempore Speech Competition. Orators from different colleges spoke out their minds on the topics given to them on the spot. The topics were partially related to both chemistry and social issues. Many confident and witty speakers were heard by our judges. The competition was so tough that it became a arduous task for the judges to pick out one winner and both the top two prizes were shared by two people.


DAY-2: If people had no ability to dream, all beautiful things around us would not exist. Works of art, books, music, even beautiful clothes are the results of our imagination. One cannot deny that imagination helps when competing any of the events of ChemCrown. The first event of day 2 started with Perfect Presenter-The PowerPoint Presentation Competition with the topic “Explore Your Imagination”. The students dived into their imagination and presented novel ideas and techniques. The judging was based on originality and innovation which was prominently seen in this event.

On the other side Rangiley Chemicals-The Rangoli Competition was taking place. The future designers spilled their imagination all over the floor of our corridors on the topic “Futuristic Science”. It was a feast for the eyes as students from different departments gathered to have a view of the futuristic designs. 

The next event was one of the most awaited events of ChemCrown, ChemWalkers-Presenting Chemistry in Style where students are supposed to show any part of science by enacting it in any way. It was a unique event with enthusiastic participants which made the event even more exciting and enthralling. 

Last but definitely not the least was Dare-To-Hunt, The Treasure Hunt. It received the maximum participation. Responsibly managed, this event was a great success. Students were blind folded, given clues, riddles, hints and what not. It was a complete fun event which everyone enjoyed and celebrated.

At the end of day 2 it was a sigh of relief and a bright smile as the fest was highly successful or I must say “khushi toh chemcrownians ko issbat ki thi ki unki mehnat kamyaab hui thi and it was time to celebrate it”. As it is mandatory to mention “Party” is a favorite word for any ChemCrownian and why won’t it be when it comes after a lot of hard work and so we celebrated by a cake cutting ceremony. With this enjoyment, each and every ChemCrownian pledged in their hearts to take “ChemCrown” to greater heights and success.


The Chemical Society of ARSD College, University of Delhi will be organizing their Annual Festival ChemCrown 2010-11 on 15-16 November 2010. The Chemistry Society event is for undergraduate students and post-graduate students and is totally based on some theme of chemistry every year. From quizzes, extempore to chemical fashion show to hands-on activities, the ARSD Chemical Society Festival has something for everyone. Expect to take part in heated debates where you can dissect and discuss the latest scientific research and show of your talent as a futuristic chemist in the Chemical fashion show team event.

The theme for 2010-11 is “Chemistry: Our life, Our future”. The festival will start with an inaugural lecture by a Professor of Repute (Not yet finalized). The event will be as follows:

Day 1: 31 January 2010

  • Inaugral Lecture: Professor Rita Kakkar, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi
  • ChemMasters: The Chemistry Quiz
  • Poster making Topic: Futuristic Chemistry
  • Extempore speech (Bilingual)

 Day 2: 01 February 2010

  • Perfect Presenter: PowerPoint Presentation,                                                                                    Topic: Imaginative Sciences: Explore your Imagination.
  • Rangiley Chemicals: Rangoli Competition
  • ChemWalkers: Presenting Chemistry in style: Short skit competition
  • Dare-2-hunt: Treasure hunt
  • Presentation ceremony

 Every year the festival immensely helps in spreading the message of chemistry and attracts lot of talented students towards chemistry and inspires them to take on chemistry at research level. Join in on the treasure hunt; watch the apparatus tumbling out of the curtains in fashion show or show of your IQ in ChemMasters. The Chemical society festival “ChemCrown 2009” was a great success with nearly 200 participants from various colleges of Delhi University and other universities like Jamia Milia Islamia, JNU, Amity University.

For more information email us at

Further information: Dr. Rajeev Singh, Department of Chemistry, ARSD College, University of Delhi, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi, India – 110 021.


Topic: hands-on activities, chemistry, competition, celebrating chemistry, science fair, seminars Audience: tertiary education, students, universities, post graduate students, teachers, professors


Abdul Hamid Mir | Dec 11, 2010 07:32AM

IYC 2011 : A tribute to Marie Curie (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Physics). CHEMISTRY SHINES

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