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Chemistry fairs

Activity by Lois Ngope   |   added on Sep 13, 2011   |   Botswana Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): Ministry of Education & Skills Development

In conjuction with the University of Botswana Chemistry department, the ministry of Education is organising chemistry fair days around the country. Lecturers from the university are touring the nation taking chemistry to students and teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Students from primary and secondary schools have been invited to participate in a chemistry fair in their area.  Students prepare displays showing what chemistry means to them while university lecturers put on demonstrations make presentations.  Emphasis is on stimulating interest in the subject by showing how chemistry is part of every day-normal things all around us, and that chemistry can be fun.  A presentation on green chemistry also reminds pupils and teachers of our environmental responsibilites.  Fairs are held on Saturdays in schools around the country to reach as many students as possible.  The programme began in August and continues through to November 2011. 

Topic: celebrating chemistry, chemistry education, fair Audience: students, professors, educators, teachers, school children
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