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Talking to the media

Activity by Noha Elnagdi   |   added on Jan 16, 2011   |   Saudi Arabia Official_iyc_logo

Sponsor(s): King Saud University

Spreading the news by talking to the media

We are spreading the news and giving an introduction about the IYC by publishing group of  articles in the King Saud University's news paper. The articles will be in Arabic language and a part of it is a translation to the introductory page of the IYC webpage, to increase the student's awareness of the event as well as reaching those students for whom the English language is an obstacle.

I wrote the article in "Resalat Aljamea" this is the Arabic news paper of KSU, explaining what is the IYC, what are the types of activities and events that will be taking place, and even for the public who didn't know and kept asking me, I clarified what is the IUPAC!!!

Topic: networking, publications, website Audience: general public, educators, universities, tertiary education, decision makers


Jamal Al otaibi | Jan 27, 2011 04:00PM

Dear Dr. Noha,

I'll be happy to have a copy of IYC events program which will take place within 2011 year in saudi arabia.

let me know please the plan. because until now I didn't see announced program.

Thanks & Regards,

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