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Chemistry - A Basic Introduction

What is chemistry?

To put it simply, chemistry is a science that deals with how materials form, their composition, various attributes, how they transform, and the energy they consume or release through these transformations.

Chemistry relates to each and everything you can sense, from right down to the elemental level to massive complex structures. It deals with how things are constructed and formulated to how they break apart and the energy that is either absorbed or released in each of these processes.

The study of the science of chemistry shows us, for example, how the table salt we eat everyday is actually constructed of crystals formed out of sodium and chlorine, and why the Statue of Liberty, constructed out of metallic copper is now green.

Chemists are people who understand, deal with and use chemistry in three distinct ways:

  • They help explain occurrences, describing how things occur and why they occur
  • They investigate materials to study and discover their chemical composition
  • They combine and blend substances to create new chemicals and compounds such as medication and shampoo.

Frequently called the "central science," chemistry incorporates and connects both the science of biology and physics and serves of great importance in engineering applications and the study of medicine.

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