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Chemical Reactions at Surfaces Conference

Sunday April 28, 2013 to Friday May 3, 2013
Les Diablerets , Switzerland

Event Type: Conference

Subject(s): Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Photochemistry


Event Description

The understanding and control of chemical reactions at interfaces (solid/gas, liquid/gas, and solid/liquid) are central to many modern technologies and environmental phenomena. The role of surface chemistry in the conversion of energy from one form to another, the efficient utilization of natural resources, and the understanding and mitigating of environmental impacts has never been more important. The Gordon Research Conference on Chemical Reactions at Surfaces is dedicated to promoting and advancing the fundamental science of interfacial chemistry and physics by providing a premier venue for presentation and discussion of research at the frontiers of the field. The 2013 conference will be located in Switzerland in order to encourage greater participation by the European surface science community. The conference will continue the tradition of fostering an engaging and open atmosphere of presentations, discussion, and learning for the benefit of attendees at all career stages (student to leader). Invited speakers will provide stimulating presentations on chemistry at solid and liquid surfaces of relevance to catalysis, synthesis, photochemistry, environmental science, and tribology. Poster sessions will offer the opportunity for student, postdoc, early career, and senior researchers to exchange and explore ideas on all aspects of surface chemistry. In the spirit of the Gordon Research Conferences, ample time will be available for afternoon recreation, relaxation and relationship building.

Venue Information

Venue: Les Diablerets Conference Center
Eurotel Victoria , Les Diablerets , Switzerland, CH-1865


Organizer Information

Organizer: Prof.

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