International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Mrs Sarah Magadoux Ideas Activities
  • Principal, Lycée français d'Irlande
    Dublin, Co. Fingal, Ireland
  • Email
    Tel 353 1 288 48 34
  • Sector:

    Primary or Secondary Education
  • Organizations:

    Lycée français d'Irlande
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
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We have a big project for the LFI around the year of chemistery. We planned a lot of activities in science but also in french, history, primary school, etc... around chemistery. All the classes will do some work and we will have a big exhibition in May 2012 in the school to present all the class works.