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    Zagreb, Croatia
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    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
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Dear Madam/Dear Sir,

We would greatly appreciate if you can send us information about the possibility to be involved in the celebration of IYC 2011.

The Scientific and Organizing Committee cordially invite you to attend and participate in the

XXII Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers

which will take place in Zagreb, Croatia in February 13- 16, 2011. The Conference is organized by the Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and the Croatian Society of Chemistry under the auspices of the University of Zagreb, the Croatian Academy of Engineering, the Croatian Engineers Association and the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction.

The Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers is the most important gathering of chemists and chemical engineers in Croatia. The conference continues a series of meetings which are held biennially. The main purpose is to promote new achievements, innovative ideas and technologies from the field of chemistry, chemical engineering and the related fields, to encourage interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and experience and to be a forum for scientists, engineers, teachers and managers. An exhibition of chemical industrial and laboratory equipment and instrumentation, computer software and hardware, literature and other relevant material will be organized as an accompanying manifestation. Our last Meeting has attracted about 450 participants from different countries.

In the past 30 years the plenary lectures at our Meetings were many distinguished scientists, such as Nobel prize winners Jean-Marie Lehn and Vladimir Prelog, professors G.F. Froment, B. Delmon, E.U. Schlunder, P.W. Atkins, K.B. Wiberg, G. Baldi, R. Huber, J.R. Flower, A. and F. Moser, D.W.T. Rippin, M. Zlokarnik, L. Riekert, K. Schugerl, Nobel prize winner - prof. R. Ernst and others.

This time confirmed plenary lecturers are: Ada E. Yonath (Nobel prize winner for 2009), Richard Darton, Axel G. Griesbeck, Dmitry Yu Murzin, Dijana Matak Vinkovic, Andrzej Stankiewicz. Confirmed invited lecturers are: Hami Alpas, Dominik Cincic, Stanislav Kurajica, Irena Matecko, Natasa Mrsic, Rita Skoda-Foldes, Zarko Olujic, Sasha Omanovich.

All presentations and promotional materials will be published in the Book of Abstracts. The accepted papers will also be considered for publication in the special issues of the journals with international editorial boards and worldwide distribution, which are sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. The official languages will be Croatian and English.

We strongly encourage all the scientific community to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations at the upcoming XXII Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers. Please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone who might be interested in attending our meeting. More details about the XXII Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers can be found at:

In addition to the technical programme, the participants will be able to enjoy the beauties of Zagreb - the capital city of the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb is an old Central European city. For centuries it has been a focal point of culture and science, and now of commerce and industry as well. It lies on the intersection of important routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe. Zagreb can offer its visitors the Baroque atmosphere of the Upper Town, picturesque open-air markets, diverse shopping facili┬Čties, an abundant selection of crafts and a choice vernacular cuisine. The city will enter into the third millennium with a population of one million. In spite of the rapid development of the economy and transportation, it has retained its charm, and a relaxed feeling that makes it a genuinely human city.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zagreb, Croatia in February 2011.

President of the Scientific and Organizing Committee:

Professor Vesna Tomasic

Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 1 4597 134; Fax: +385 1 4597 133


Meeting website: