International Year of Chemistry, 2011

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Gunnar Hagelin Ideas Activities
  • Senoir Research Scientist, GE Healthcare, Medical Diagnostics, Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry
    Oslo, Norway
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    Tel +47 23 18 53 50
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    GE Healthcare, Medical Diagnostics, Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
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Penicillin, the first antibiotic was discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming and became commercial available during the first world war (1943). First for treatment of soldiers with infected wounds. After the war, the drug also became available to the public. From 1943 to 1960 numerous new antibiotics were discovered which made it possible to cure such serious disceaces as e.g. tuberculosis. Before the discovery of antibiotics, infectious deceaces were among the most prevalent causes of deaths and this class of drugs revolutionized medicine at that time. Today, an increasing number of infectious agents (bacteria, yeast and viruses) have become resitant to these drugs, so there is a great need to develop new effective antibiotics.

In this work the organic chemist and biochemists are essential for identification of new microbial targets and innovation of new effective antibiotics.