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Samuel Govea Ideas Activities
  • Chemist
    Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
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    Tel 52-55-5605-8983
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    General Public
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    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
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I graduated in Chemistry in 1986, from Facultad de Quimica at UNAM in Mexico City.

I started my carreer working at PPG Mexico, at their resins plant, although for a short period of 7 months. After this first experience working with chemicals, I worked for Goodyear-Oxo Mexico, at the chemicals laboratory, performing analysis to raw materials, and continued to work at the Cure management process for the tire lines.

My next job was 10 years working for Dow Corning Mexico, at different roles in Technical Services for Chemicals and Coatings Industries, later at their plant for the production of emulsions, fluids and sealants, and finally for sales for textiles applications. These 10 years were very fulfilling and interesting, as this gave me an extraordinary opportunity to learn on the uses of silicones in diverse fields. There was unfortunately a restructuring of the business, which led to laying off for my position in sales for textiles.

My next opportunity was with Dynea OY, on the sales for chemicals for oil and gas production and distribution. Worked here for +2 years, and finalized a very interesting process of crude oil dehydration - actually breaking/resolution of water emulsions in heavy crude oil. Moved out of the company for family reasons.

These were all years of keeping learning the chemistry, although on the side of how is it applied to every-day diverse situations. Very nice +12 years of chemistry related professional life.

Now I am still working on Sales, as an Account Exec for the magnet wire industry applications in Mexico. Although this is not direct chemistry related, it has been nice too (+7 years now!).

Chemistry has certainly impacted my life, and make it quite interesting and full.


I'm interested in sharing how chemistry impacts a lot of behind-the-scenes in our lives to younger audiences.