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Bragadeeswaran Subramanian Ideas Activities
  • CAS in marine Biolgy, Annamalai university
    Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu, India
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    Annamalai university
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    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
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National conferece on Aquatic biotoxin 2011 in India during 14-16, september, 2011

Over billions of years, nature has produced these organic molecules, which have varied uses, some of which are yet to be determined . The discovery of new molecules can contribute to the development of basic scientific concepts, lead to valuable drug oriented compounds and suggest possible new pharmacological reagents .Newly discovered substances can even create new scientific fields. Progress in these fields often contributes to the betterment of humanity. Notable examples include the secondary metabolites from marine organisms, whose chemical structures are completely different from those of terrestrial organisms due to the radically different habitats of marine organisms. Marine metabolites often have unique biological activities and thus deserve special attention. In addition, some compounds from marine organisms show remarkable biological activity at an extremely low concentration. In general, the main obstacle to using these molecules is the ability to produce them in sufficient quantities. Besides, many of these substances are exogenous metabolites of the food chain and symbiosis. Thus, researchers must identify which organisms actually produce a given substance.

So the proposed conference will address on the bioprospecting of venomous and poisonous marine organisms, among the institutes and Pharmaceutical companies to take initiation to study marine organisms and better ways of conservation.

The deliberation and recommendation of the conference would help to bring some strategies for effective management of marine biological resources. The proposed conference will aim at

1. To Examine the present status of marine biodiversity in the Indian context

2. Assessing the potential of poisonous and venoms organisms for bioactive compounds

3. Understanding the status of research out comes on bioactive compounds

4. Bringing out the strategies for effective utilization of bioactive potential organisms for drug development.

Dr. Bragadeeswaran, Ph.D

Assistant Professor&Principal Investigator

Biotoxinology laboratory

CAS in Marine Biology

Annamalai University

Parangipettai - 608 502

Cuddlaore - Dist

Tamil Nadu