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Mrs Maggi Churchouse Ideas Activities
  • Event Manager, RSC-BMCS, RSC Law Group, Maggi Churchouse Events
    Diss, Norfolk, UK
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    Tel 01359 221004
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    RSC-BMCS, RSC Law Group, Maggi Churchouse Events
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
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I provide secretariat services to subject groups of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society of Chemical Industry and other groups. I am using the site to draw attention to forthcoming events arranged by these groups.

Fragments III: Third RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery meeting No Events
Topic: Fragment-based Drug Discovery, compounds, late-stage medicinal chemistry, preclinical programmes, clinical programmes, fragment-based approaches, high concentration, NMR, SPR, X-ray screening Audience: Scientists from any discipline with an interest in expanding their knowledge and experience of FBDD, students, professional chemists, professors, educators, industrial chemists, research scientists

Antimal - Antimalarial Drugs: chemistry, development and future challenges No Events
Topic: AntiMal, Antimalaria, Infectious disease, Neglected tropical disease, medicinal chemistry, Chemotherapy, pharmacology, Artemisinin, Resistance, Malaria, Antifolate drug discovery, High throughput (HTS), Kinome, Antiplasmodia, Falcipain Cysteine, Kinases, Trioxaquine, Lipids, Quinoline, Peroxide, Plasmodia, Organic synthesis, Screening, Drug discovery, drug development, Combination Chemotherapy, P., Falciparum, P. Vivax Audience: Basic and translational scientists, students, professional chemists, professors, educators, industrial chemists, universities, post graduates, research scientists, Educational institutions

Proteinase 2011: from molecules to medicines. 7th SCI-RSC syposium on proteinase inhibitor design No Events
Topic: Proteinase, Proteinase 2011, Proteinase inhibitor, Proteinase K, endopeptidase, pepsin, trypsin, papain, synthesis, aspartic, serine, cysteine, metallo, proteinase inhibitors, target indications, Drug discovery, ‘Molecules to Medicines’, Serine protease, Molecular biology, nucleic acid, chymotrypsin, Proteinase Conference Audience: This conference is suitable for medicinal chemists and other scientists interested in furthering their knowledge of proteases. students, professional chemists, educators, professors, industrial chemists, universities, research scientists, Postgraduate students, educations institutions