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Salah Shakir Ideas Activities
  • professor, basrah university
    Basra, Iraq
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    Tel 009647801000106
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    basrah university
    iraqi polymer sociaty
  • IYC Interests:

    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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1984- 1988:B.Sc in chemistry, 1st honor

1989-1992: M.Sc. in physical chemistry, 1st honor

1992-1995:Ph.D.Polymer Chemistry 1st honor

University of Basrah, Basrah, Iraq.

Thesis Titles:

M.Sc. 'Study of Spectral properties for mixed organic dyes'

Ph.D.: 'Synthesis and study of some new IPNs as compositing materials ablative and fire retardant'.

Teaching Experience: I gave the following courses:

Under Graduate Courses:

1- Polymers technology

2- Petrochemical industries

3- Petrol chemistry

4-Chemical process industries

Post graduate Courses, (M.Sc & PhD)

1- Advanced polymer chemistry

2-Polymer blends and composites

3-Corrosion inhibitors

4-Conductive polymers

5-Selective topics of polymers

6-Ion exchange of polymers

7- Thermal analysis techniques

8- Interpenetrating polymer networks


1995-1998: Lecture at the department of chemistry, college of

Science, Basrah University.

1998-2003: Assistance professor, chemistry Department College of

Science, Basrah University.

2003-till now: Professor chemistry Department College of

Science, Basrah University.

1996-2002: Head of chemistry and polymer technology polymer

Research center, Basrah University.

2000-2001: Chief in director of Iraqi journal of polymer.

2003- till now: Staff members of Basrah journal of science.

2005-till now: Staff members of state company for petrochemical industries

2008: Visitor Professor in Petra University ,jordan

Scientific Society Membership

1988- till now: staff member of Iraqi chemistry society IRAQ

2001 –till now: Staff members of Iraqi polymer society. IRAQ

2007-till now Staff members of International Society of Iraqi Scientists USA

2008-till now staff member American chemical Society, USA

2008-till now: staff member Jordan chemical Society .Jordan

Conferences, Symposia and Meetings Attended

1- Iraqi chemical society conferences , Baghdad, 1992 and 1996

2- International conferences of polymer,Bsrah 1995,1999,2001 and Baghdad 1997

3- 1ST Basrah conferences on laser and its application. 1996.

4- 36th international symposium on macromolecules.Seoul,1996

5- 3rd International Jordan conferences in chemistry engineering, Amman, 1999.

6- 1st Iraqi conferences of chemistry ,Basrah 2000

7- The 1st Arab chemistry conferences on chemistry ,Amman,2001

8- Biannual conferences on chemistry, Cairo, 2002.

9- 2nd International conferences on chemistry and its application, Qatar, 2003.

10- International conferences on chemistry and industry, Riyadh, 2004.

11- The 1st International Conference & Exhibition ,Bahrain, 2008

12- XXII National Chemistry Congress,Cyprus,2008

13- Knowledge based industries & nanotechnology conferemce,Qatar,2008

Research Interests

1-Synthesis, characterization and study of some new IPNs

2-ablative materials

3- Semi conductors Polymers

4-permeable membranes

5-polymeric alloys, regarding their thermal, mechanical and viscoelastic properties

6-Corrosion inhibitors

7-Drug delivery polymers

8- Polymer composites


1-Synthesis of new fire retardant resins, Iraqi patent, 2653(1997)

2- Synthesis of new electrical insulator resins, Iraqi

Patent, 2671(1997).

3-Synthesis of new boron resins as thermal insulators, Iraqi

Patent, 2672(1997).

4- Synthesis of new thermal stabilizer for PVC, Iraqi patent,


5- Synthesis of new polymer containing drug as delivery system,

Iraqi patent 2939(2001).

6-Synthesis new grade of LDPE, Iraqi patent, 2990(2001).

7-Synthesis of new resins derived from lignin, Iraqi patent, 3049


8-Synthesis and application of new humidity sensor from Rh-PVA,

Iraqi patent, 3076(2002).

9- Use sodium phthalate as anticorrosion in petroleum industry, Iraq

Patent, 3200(2006).

10- synthesis new epoxy resins and amonehardner from industry waste ,Iraqi patent,3277 ,2009

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