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  • Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics
    Chernogolovka, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation
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    Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics
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    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
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In the year 2005, IUPAC launched a Project with the remit

To assemble, collate and disseminate information about the scope of the newly-emerging discipline of materials chemistry, leading to an authoritative definition of the subject within the family of chemical sciences.

The working group of the Project suggested [1]: “Materials chemistry comprises the application of chemistry to the design, synthesis, characterization, processing, understanding and utilization of materials, particularly those with useful, or potentially useful, physical properties.”


To my way of thinking, chemistry is the science that treats of family relations in systems with chemical interactions. Each reagent is characterized by specific chemical unit with its own mass and design. However, chemists succeeded in the formation of the first bridge from the mole of molecular chemistry to the mole of materials chemistry only last year [2]. The reformed combustion science [3] and the classical geometry of body in the becoming state [4] were used as a basis for its calculation.




Now, in my opinion, the challenge is to turn the bridge into safety way for students and scholars, up to K-7 – K-12 grade level. This is particularly important for teenagers because the reform of combustion science has not only a chemical meaning but also a social meaning.

In this context, it would be a good thing to organize the special conference or symposium: “Toward the chemistry of becoming body.” In the framework of this forum one might discuss the modern design of complex matter chemistry and find ways to this field of chemical sciences, beginning at primary school.