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International Year of Chemistry 2011

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Dr. Ingrid Montes Ideas Activities
  • American Chemical Society, IUPAC
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
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    Tel 787-764-0000 ext 3004
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    American Chemical Society, IUPAC
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    Increase the public appreciation and understanding of chemistry
    Encourage interest of young people in chemistry
    Generate enthusiasm for the creative future of chemistry
    Celebrate the role of women in chemistry
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IUPAC, the American Chemical Society (ACS) - Puerto Rico Section, and the Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico are uniting and working together with all the volunteers to combine their knowledge, networks and capacities to contribute to the success of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 in Puerto Rico.

Objective I: To increase the public appreciation of chemistry in meeting the world's needs

According to what has been established by the group from the ACS Committee on Community Activities working with IYC, there will be four themes throughout the year. The themes will change quarterly. "Water" will be the common ground for every trimester and each theme will include materials to illustrate the many faces of chemistry.

ο 1st trimester: Environment

ο 2nd trimester: Energy, incorporating CCED

ο 3rd trimester: Materials

ο 4th trimester: Health, incorporating NCW

Puerto Rico is hosting for the first time, the 43rd IUPAC World Chemistry Congress 2011. The third of these themes will coincide with the celebration of IUPAC in Puerto Rico and, therefore, an outreach event called "Festival de Química" will be held Sunday, July 31, 2011 at Paseo de la Princesa in Old San Juan as part of the 43rd IUPAC World Chemistry Congress 2011 program. It is our goal to promote the interaction and participation of the volunteers from Puerto Rico with the attendees of the Congress that will volunteer to work in this event.

Each group of volunteers will emphasize the importance of chemistry (in relation to Materials: the theme of that trimester) in daily life, through demonstrations. As mentioned, these activities will be carried out by the organizations that wish to participate, as well as the Graduate Students Association from the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, the American Chemical Society Student Chapters of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ponce, the Inter American University Metro and San Germán, and the University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla, Arecibo, Cayey, Humacao, Mayagüez, and Río Piedras Campuses. Stations with hands-on activities designed for each subject will be placed, together with other interesting demonstrations.

In terms of the logistics for this event, we will have around 15-20 stations with different demonstrations, related to materials and the different areas of chemistry. These demonstrations will not entail the use of any dangerous substance, only materials of daily use. It is through these simple demonstrations that we will manage to convey the message of the importance of chemistry in daily life. This activity is intended for the general public, in particular so that children are motivated to study Science and to perceive it as something interesting and amusing. Although the demonstrations are not dangerous, we provide safety glasses to the children and other participants in order to teach the importance of eye protection. Brochures with additional information and some small gifts with the activity logo will be distributed to take home.

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